In his retirement, Rabbi Cohen has enjoyed having the time to write poetry. His 230pp work, Genesis in Poetry (See below), has won widespread critical acclaim, and he is in great demand to give poetry readings from it to cultural groups.

Here is just one example of the sort of appreciation he regularly receives:

"I hardly think I need to tell you how greatly we all enjoyed your outstanding readings last night.

Because I was in the privileged position of sitting opposite the audience, I could watch their enraptured expressions, faces reflecting just how captivated they were by the varying moods - the drama, the comedy, the lovely pastoral description, the whimsy - of your chosen extracts.

It was a true tour de force and made such a powerful impact.

We really were treated to an absorbing and stimulating evening."

Judy Frankel, Educationalist and former senior teacher of English, South Hampstead High School

We include below a selection of his most recent poems, including those written for Yom Hashoah, Yom Ha-Zikaron and Yom Ha-Atzmaut.

Works in progress

  • Forthcoming:
    The Book of Psalms: Poetry in Poetry. This rhymed-verse rendering of the entire Book of Psalms has been accepted for publication by Wipf & Stock (Oregon, USA), and is scheduled to appear towards the end of 2018. It bears the endorsements of four Cambridge University professors of Bible and biblical interpretation.

Rabbi Jeffrey has received many invitations to deliver poetry readings - to attend a local reading please view his engagements.

Please view his book launch of "The Siddur in Poetry" and "The Machzor in Poetry" at Stanmore & Canons Park Synagogue in 2012.