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The Book of Psalms The Book of Psalms
Poetry in Poetry
Published August 2018 in America
ISBN: 978-1-5326-5076-5
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Machzor in Poetry The Book of Esther: A Poetic Reading for Purim
with Introduction and Hebrew text of the entire Megillah
Kindle e-book publication 2016 - revised February 2017
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This entertaining, inspirational and informative rendering of the Biblical book of Esther into rhymed verse brings to life the characters and the intrigue of the court of Xerxes I in ancient Persia. It follows closely the Biblical account of the banishment of the king's wife Vashti, the competition arranged to find a replacement consort for him, and the choice of the beautiful, but retiring Jewess, Esther, an orphan brought up in the home of her much older, and single, cousin, Mordechai. But as a new, racist and bumptious Chief Minister of State, Haman, rises to prominence and extracts permission of the king to destroy the Jews, Esther, though at first reluctant, is persuaded by her cousin to use her feminine charm to bring about Haman's downfall. Mordechai foils a plot to assassinate the king, and positions himself ultimately to replace the disgraced Haman and, together with Esther, to enable the Jews to take up arms and defeat those who wished to give Haman a posthumous victory. That victory was immortalised by the annual celebration of the Jewish festival of Purim and the chanting of the Hebrew scroll of Esther, being a chronicle of that saga.

Machzor in Poetry The Haggadah in Poetry
Why is This Different From All Other Haggadot …?
Published February 2015 by Gnesia Publications
ISBN: 978-0-946000-08-1

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  • Torah Treasures, 16 Russell Gardens, NW11 9NN (020 8458 8289)
  • Jerusalem the Golden, 146-148 Golders Green Road, NW11 (020 8455 4960)
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  • Lubavitch (Edgware), 230 Hale Lane, Edgware, Middlesex, HA8 9PZ (020 8905 4141)
  • Kays Supermarket, 56, Market Place, Hampstead Garden Suburb, NW11 6JP
    (020 8458 0011)
  • Manchester distributor: Phone Judith (0161 928 4560)

Machzor in Poetry The Machzor in Poetry
A Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur Companion
Published September 2012 by Gnesia Publications
ISBN: 978-0-946000-07-4
Price: £15.95 (plus p+p)
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Siddur in Poetry The Siddur in Poetry
A weekday & Shabbat Companion
Published September 2012 by Gnesia Publications
ISBN: 978-0-946000-06-7
Price: £12.95 (plus p+p)
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Dividing Israel's Capital City Dividing Israel's Capital City:
A National and Inter-national Catastrophe.
Commissioned, published and distributed by B'nai B'rith Europe, Brussels
January 2011
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Genesis in Poetry Genesis in Poetry
Published September 2010 by Gnesia Publications
ISBN: 978-0-946000-05-0
Paperback: £12.95 (plus p+p)

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1001 Questions and Answers on Pesach 1001 Questions & Answers on Pesach
Originally published in 1996 by Jason Aaronson
New edition published March 2008 by Vallentine Mitchell
Paperback: £16.95 - ISBN: 978 0 85303 810 8
Hardback:  £35.00 - ISBN: 978 0 85303 808 5
500 Questions and Answers on Chanukah 500 Questions and Answers on Chanukah
Published 2005 by Vallentine Mitchell
» Review by Mr. Clive Boxer
Let My People Go Let My People Go
Insights to Passover and the Haggadah
Published 2002 by Jason Aaronson
The Bedside Companion for Jewish Patients The Bedside Companion for Jewish Patients
Published 2002 by Gnesia Publications
The abridged Haggadah for rusty readers The abridged Haggadah for Rusty Readers
Published 2000 by Gnesia Publications
Yizkor Yizkor
A Memorial Booklet
Published 2000 by Gnesia Publications
Paperback: £4.50 (plus £0.70 p+p)
Issues of the Day Issues of the Day
A Modern Orthodox View
Published 1999 by Gnesia Publications
Following the Synagogue Service Following the Synagogue Service
A Guide to the Weekday and Sabbath Services
Published 1997 by Gnesia Publications
1001 Questions and Answers on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur 1001 Questions and Answers on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur
Published 1997 by Jason Aaronson
1001 Questions and Answers on Pesach 1001 Questions and Answers on Pesach
Published 1996 by Jason Aaronson
Dear Chief Rabbi Dear Chief Rabbi
From the correspondence of Chief Rabbi Immanuel Jakobovitz on matters of Jewish Law, Ethical and Contemporary Issues, 1980-1990
Published 1995 by KTAV Publishing House
Prayer and Penitence Prayer and Penitence
A Commentary on the High Holy Day Machzor
Published 1994 by Jason Aaronson
Blessed are You Blessed are You
A comprehensive guide to Jewish Prayer
Published 1993 by Jason Aaronson
Moments of Insight Moments of Insight
Biblical and Contemporary Jewish Themes
Published 1989 by Vallentine Mitchell
Horizons of Jewish Prayer Horizons of Jewish Prayer
Published 1986 by United Synagogue
Understanding the High Holyday Services Understanding the High Holyday Services
A popular commentary to the Machzor
Published 1983 by Routledge & Keegan Paul
Festival Adventure Festival Adventure
Published 1982 by Gnesia Publications
A Samaritan Chronicle A Samaritan Chronicle
A Source-Critical Analysis of the Life and Times of the Great Samaritan Reformer, Baba Rabbah
Published 1981 by E.J.Brill
Understanding the Synagogue Service Understanding the Synagogue Service
Published 1974 by Jeffrey M Cohen